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"The "idea" of disease is a delusion." -Yogananda. Find out how/why. Email your concerns re: aches, pains, diseases etc.

Love, Light, Logic for all Dis-eases!

Therapies and Resources of 27+ years too.

Learn how: to be still in mind/body, lessen pain/stress causing dis-ease; be happier, calmer, more balanced, energized, or sedated. Also relieve pain/stress by learning: [words matter]

  • The 7 point Logic System
  • The immune energizing breath
  • Mega affirmations
  • Get yes/no answers to questions
  • Color away issues with mandala
  • Get attuned to Reiki (ray-key) for self/others. Reiki helps EMFs!
  • Feng Shui: Fun Literal & Symbolic. Optimizes energy flow by furniture placement/remedies.
  • Learn active-reflective listening to relieve family stress.
  • Release mental-emotional issues that keep illness in place with new chat & light therapies! Proven.
  • And much more!

PAIN-STRESS RELIEF: "Karuna® Reiki Distance Relaxation may reduce up to 90+% of all Dis-eases." (Balch MD, Rossman MD). Being calmer [trusting our Light] is often the first step towards a better life vs. jeopardizing your 'flight or flight' nervous system; hence, all body systems and organs. See testimonials at Cranio/Reiki ...

27+ Years: Certifications/Resources!

  • Dr. Upledger’s Advanced'CranioSacral Therapist
  • Usui-Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher
  • Former Massage Therapist: Neuro-Sports-Spa-Lymph-Myofascial etc. Coaching.
  • Yoga: Meditation/Postures/mudras/breath
  • Holistic Intuitive Therapist
  • Mandala Color Fun [age 7-adult]
  • Biofeedback, EFT (emotional freedom acu techniques) and more!

Some Benefits that May Result:
  • Improved blood flow
  • Feel better; about yourself too
  • Reduced anxiety (e.g. physically, decision making, calmer, balanced, energized too.)

DISTANCE OFTEN GIVES NEW PERSOPECTIVES. DID You know pain/stress starts 10 aura levels out beyond the body with our 'conscious & subconscious' beliefs first? Proven. And we share how to remedy beliefs.

DISCLAIMER: All therapies/services of Mary Morrin, LMT and her business associates, are for relaxation, education, pain or stress-relief only. While intended to improve health, there is no guarantee of success. None of these services substitute for MD licensed/referral medical care. Mary Morrin/her services do not: diagnose, treat, analyze, assess, examine, cure nor prevent any medical, dental, chiropractic or mental health condition, disorder or disease. YOUR HAVING A SESSION, MEANS YOU UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE WITH THIS DISCLAIMER.



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